• TNY

    A new name for Blueflake

    January 14, 2016 by TNY

    I think it'll be easier if I try to be short in this one. As some may know, I've been thinking about renaming our (company wannabe?) to something we all (or at least those who are still around) agree with. A couple of days ago I began searching for an original, yet easy to pronounce name to rename Blueflake, and I came up with this strange name that I somewhat liked. What I have in mind is...


    The name came from me looking up on a periodic table for some inspiration, when I suddenly came across this element called "Copper" and I took its first three letters to attach to something else. Then I just thought of this fictional company named "ACME" and took the "me" from its name.

    I'm not sure about that name yet though, but if you th…

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  • Random-storykeeper

    Some game idea

    November 30, 2014 by Random-storykeeper

    I am planning on making a browser game, currently titled Bern. At the moment, Takeshi64 is making the art and I will be coding the game and composing the music. TNY has also done some work creating a neat logo for the game:

    Right now I've been working on the music and basic scope of the game. The music is composed in ORG Maker, a pretty basic program but one I feel most comfortable using. I have been posting a lot of the music to be used in Bern on Blueflake, and will list how I plan to use them later.

    Bern is, at the moment, a pretty generic adventure platformer. It's about a boy called Bern who finally carries through with his plan of escaping from prison. Security is tight, however, and he must escape before the cops catch up to him. I wa…

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  • Nitromemegafan

    Nitrome Jam

    May 17, 2014 by Nitromemegafan

    You guys should make a game for the nitrome jam!

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  • Ayernam

    Cat Dropped Change Log

    February 2, 2014 by Ayernam

    Hello folks! This is the Cat Dropped change log, so check back here to find the latest version of the game up to the release!

    In order to download and play a version of Cat Dropped:

    • Download the ZIP file from the link shown
    • Extract the ZIP file
    • Open the extracted file folder, and double click the JAR file
    • Enjoy!

    Link: MediaFire

    Description: Play as a net trying to save kittens from their falling doom! Avoid bombs and collect hearts for health recovery. Try to catch cat feed for a higher score!

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  • TNY

    Site disabled

    January 30, 2014 by TNY

    Hello to all. I've got bad news for you in this blog post as well as good ones. It's not like always things turn out well, is it?

    In this post, I'm officially letting you know our Blueflake website has currently been brought down as I believe it isn't the time yet for us to have our website built. Also, the site would of course need improving. We need to help each other construct the design for each link the site should be having altogether.

    Furthermore, we need to establish a skin which (I think) will be done by Axiy and myself, and of course we need to have at least one game finished. Ayernam and I will be working on Cat Dropped so you won't need to worry much regarding this matter. I need help with what to put on the main page and the con…

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  • Ayernam

    New Beginnings

    November 2, 2013 by Ayernam

    Greetings Blueflake members! I have been absent from this wiki for quite a while now, although I did check up on it every once and a while. I'm glad to see that you guys are still working on games and sprites - I love seeing the new ideas as well!

    Anyway, my hiatus was mainly because I felt Visual Basic wasn't an adequate medium for making games, and well, I wasn't exactly educated enough myself about programming. However, while I was gone I learned three new programming languages: C++, Java, and Android, the last one I learned fairly recently. I am currently learning about graphics in Java, and I think it could work very well for Blueflake games! (As you may know, many popular games were written in Java.)

    I am still learning however, s…

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  • TNY

    Spider Climb - Art update II

    October 26, 2013 by TNY

    Hello everyone! As I had mentioned on my previous blog post, I've been working with Spider Climb's sprites, making major changes in their pixels' composition.

    Today, I've got many stuff to show to you. Today's update shows the evolution of some pieces, which I had prepared for you to understand easily how "big" the changes are. Something to take in count though: some images are quite large, for I've linked them up to their full sizes. If you do not see the full sizes, perhaps you may not notice the changes very well. This is why when it comes to pixel art, full graphic sizes are important.

    As you can see, there are many sprites done already. There's still a lot to convert though but let's say there's a 65% of the sprites converted to the ne…
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  • TNY

    Hello to all!

    I've been working since yesterday with some of this well-known old game's sprites, aiming to get better design.

    With some hours, I finally got to a final result. However though, I have not finished the re-design of all sprites yet.

    As you may tell, compared to how I used to pixel back in 2011 is completely different from how I arrange the pixels nowadays. In my opinion, the new sprites look pretty much better now! I like how the final enemies turned out to be.

    The image shows a comparison between some of Spider Climb's early sprites, each being sprited by myself. (Axiy also has pixelled some sprites for this game, but none of his works are shown on the photo as I decided not to touch any of his works).

    The old purple octopus turne…

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  • Axiy


    I have been working on some new content for Seagum Jelly and made alot, first: New characters

    I wanted new characters for a sequel. Here is a list

    • Bruce boyy (A cowboy)
    • Isaac (A jelly who dressed up as a reindeer, at the end he reveals it. Everybody appears to know he is a jelly.(That's a rope))
    • Birthmark Shopkeeper (NPC)
    • Jimbo and Jumbo's sisters who are also twins (They were meant to be in the original one)
    • This character who is often proud about himself.
    • An army veteran who is a friend of Arman, named Luitendant Herman.

    Bruce Boyy introduction cutscene

    • Bruce Boyy: It's me, Bruce Boyy! The greatest cowboy in all mainland.
    • Arman: Andd the greatestt misspeller inn all mainlandd.
    • Bruce Boyy: Deal with it.
    • Arman: *gulp*

    • Spacegum Jelly was the un…

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  • TNY

    New blog out now!

    June 21, 2013 by TNY

    Remember my old tumblr blog? Where I used to post information about game previews and stuff? Okay. Now it has been updated, reseted and re-designed!

    Besides its brand new design, I've actually managed to add the posts a feature where people can comment! It is powered by Disqus, and you can choose to comment either as a guest or an user (requires previous registration). Creating an account is quite easy, however, if you are not interested you're free to comment as a guest.

    I really like this new theme more than the older one.



    By the way, notice the post with the game preview. ;)

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  • TNY

    Hello everybody!

    Today I am going to reveal some artwork pieces that show the earlier Cat Dropped development work sketches. I have probably never posted this before, so I hope you enjoy them!

    When I was trying for the first time to figure out something that could be used as a background, I came up with these images.

    When I decided to remake the logo, I knew I had to create something pretty much different than the old coloured one. But choosing the final result wasn't that easy...

    It took a while for Cat Dropped to be fully updated, principally because there was no art style established, back then.

    That is all for now! Have a pleasant weekend.

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  • Axiy


    I was recently wondering if the Lamadilus series had a sequel. If its a good idea. I am kind of finishing up Lamadilus and Seagum Jelly. Down here I will put suggestions for the next sequel(s).

    Lamadilus Run is an escape game. It is about the Crocodile running away from the Yellow Jellies. The crocodile will go through many stages running through the Fluffy Sea coast to the Great Wall of China. It might have 30 levels. It is a direct sequel to Seagum Jelly also, the yellow jellies chase the crocodile. The jellies are enemies. They come in vechlicles such as Arman's tank and Captain Morris's ship with wheels. It might sound and look like the game Dino Run from Pixeljam but its not. I hope.

    Spacegum Jelly is also a second game where t…

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  • TNY

    Game preview!

    May 26, 2013 by TNY


    Today I will be talking about a game that I have been working on.

    It has been quite a while since the development of this one started, and it is basically the concept of turning fans on each time you press space, causing the wind to move a blueberry. You control the fans, and you've got to use them to get the little berry to the finish basket, in order to go to the next level!

    As you press the spacebar and the blueberry moves, the screen moves to the right and that is how you go further in the level.

    But... what are you moving the berry for? This will be revealed in the near future. ;)

    Oh yes, the images.

    That is everything! (Untill now ;) 22:11, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

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  • TNY

    Hi everyone!

    I've been wondering if these staff members will ever come back:




    As most of you may know pretty well, Lilonow and CandD actually appear to not have contributed to the development of games. Lilonow, though, designed a background for Lamadilus, but I believe that it will remain unused, as Lamadilus has already got a background. (Hasn't it?).

    As for CandD, he hasn't really done any contributions tu any of our games yet.

    Do you remember Sabkv? His only contributions were the little sprite tests he made to show me he could sprite using pixel art. And that was the last time he was around...

    Should all of them still be considered?

    Should I message them to confirm their departure from Blueflake?

    I don't mean to 'fire' them…

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  • Ayernam

    Hello! As you may have noticed, I am the most recently added programmer to the Blueflake team. I program games using Visual Basic (as opposed to Flash), so they have to be downloaded. In order to download them, there are a few steps that you have to take. Here they are:

    1. Download the game file.
    2. Extract the file.
    3. Copy the folder within the file.
    4. Paste the folder in your C drive (file path C:)
    5. Open the folder.
    6. Click the file labelled "Setup" and accept all messages to install the program.
    7. The game should open automatically. If not, click the file labelled with the game name.
    8. Enjoy!

    Hopefully this should help those of you who had trouble opening the current game in production, Cat Dropped. Click here to download it! If you have any questions, fe…

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  • TNY

    I need everyone's avatars

    May 18, 2013 by TNY

    Hi everyone!

    As you may know, I am currently editing the Blueflake website, which you can enter by clicking this sentence.

    I am now focusing on the "About" part, where there is a little story about how Blueflake was created.

    There is also a bar on the right part, where there is going to be a list of all of the Blueflake members, so I will need an avatar of each one in order to have that section completed. 

    My avatar is done already and you may be able to see it. But you have got to make your own avatars, if you can, by using pixel art. Use the box below to make it (40 x 40 pixels) , using Paint, Photoshop or any other program used to draw in pixelart. It can have an image with your name, or just your name as a creative logo, or simply an image…

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  • TNY

    Wordmark change idea

    May 14, 2013 by TNY

    I've got this idea of changing the layout of the Wiki Wordmark, for it to be easier to be changed periodically.

    It is basically the old Nitrome Wiki wordmark's layout, but with some tweaks on the design.

    Of course, I would like to hear what you think about it before we can decide.

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  • Axiy

    I'm back!

    May 11, 2013 by Axiy

    O HAI DER,

    I am back from a long time of not visiting Wikia and playing Minecraft. I will start making new sprites for games, if my parents don't take away my computer, on Paint.NET. I will continue Lamadilus and Seagum Jelly. Most of my sprites for the games got deleted so I have the chance to improve them. With shinier graphics and stuff. It's nice to be back with a new employee Ayernam! By the way, welcome to the Blueflake team Ayernam! Sorry I haven't been on lately.

    Now about Lamadilus I upgraded the spike shooting feature. Down there you can see 2 bars. The top bar is an empty bar. It comes when the crocodile shoots spikes. After waiting 5 seconds the empty bar will be a normal full bar at the bottom. And than after 3 more seconds the …

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  • TNY

    Friday Update!

    May 10, 2013 by TNY

    It's Friday already! Cat Dropped has now got a BETA version, which is available for downloading via Ayernam. He can e-mail you the downloadable version, as we were not able yet to find a way of putting up a download link.

    The missing things for Cat Dropped, like boxes that may pop up are being done at the moment, and I may finish them later.

    Have a great weekend!

    EDIT: ZIP file available now on the Blueflake site! 

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  • TNY

    Indecisive about Cat Dropped

    April 30, 2013 by TNY

    Hi everyone! 

    So, during the development of kittens art design I've put myself into a problem regarding the kittens' design.

    Since I was never satisfied by the image results, I would always have to make more, and more, and more versions. But right now I cannot even decide myself about which version is better. Let's take a look at the three examples.

    The problem between the three versions were that I would never decide what to make their belly like. You may notice this, due to the three versions having that part changed. Also, the shading. Personally I think version 2.2 is the best one but I wanted to know what you think about alll versions before actually making the big change.

    VOTE HERE! And then, comment if you like.

    14:17, April 30, 2013 (UT…
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  • TNY


    April 21, 2013 by TNY

    Hi users. It's been a while since there was activity around the wiki, but I actually have been quite active myself about games!

    I had been waiting for the exact moment to tell you about all the things I've done, so here are the subjects I will be speaking about!

    • Development stopped on games.
    • Cat Dropped.
    • Quack.
    • Music.
    • New art styles and techniques.
    • Side projects.

    To begin with, some of you may have noticed that there hasn't been much work on some of our games, such as The Greenfruit, Poppit, Spider Climb, and others.

    The Greenfruit has been one problem to me, considering that the way the levels would be displayed in the game remains undefined, thus, I get confused of how I should make them. Creating levels for a platform game includes thinking wise…

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  • CandD

    Seeing as to how this wiki needs lots of help, when I see a popular problem, I'm going to write a 'guide' as to how to identify it.

    A run-on sentence is a sentence that runs on and on and exceeds the limit of a regular sentence. Most contain a word count of 16+ words. They can easily be identified, but can be somewhat tricky to clean up.

    Identifying a run-on sentence is easy. They are large sentences that usually contain two or more 'ands' and can seem to take the form of a whole paragraph. Similarly, they can also contain ',s' or ';s' that continue the sentence as well. These will commonly appear in the 'Appearence' or 'Game Info' sections of an article.

    1. I'm candd and i like cheese and i think its the best thing in the world besides minecraf…

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  • Takeshi64

    Sky Game

    August 20, 2012 by Takeshi64

    In my free time, I'll be working on a game which I will design the levels for, pixel, and write the music for. This isn't official, just a private project that may or may not be done. I've made some really neat sounding music for that type of game, so I'm going to try to apply it. I'll post pixel art gradually, and the music, once I work past my technical difficulties.

    gif of shooting

    switching to blue

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  • CandD

    Welcome to.... MY MOUTH!!!

    August 19, 2012 by CandD

    I recently had a game idea whi;e brushing my teeth! There's a Tooth..... on a mission....... TO PREVENT CAVITIES!!!! Well, i guess sorta like that. Below are some sprites and stuff i've conjured up, just leave a comment about what you think; such as improvements.

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  • TNY

    Bureaucrat rights

    August 1, 2012 by TNY

    Hello there. This blog post is about one concern I've been having about the user rights. Seeing that it all started from past mistakes of the founder, the promoted "bureaucrat", X10018ro has been promoting tons of users unnecessarily to bureaucrats. I see no point in this, as most of the users mentioned don't do anything, nor does X10018ro. Since I am now the "boss" here I would like to make a suggestion for these users, as it is not possible to remove b-crat rights from users anymore if they were already promoted to them. This is not only being because they don't do anything, for being a bureaucrat, or even an admin, an user must edit frecuently in the wiki, expanding, correcting, adding missing sections and all of that stuff users do, bu…

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  • Axiy

    New website!

    May 29, 2012 by Axiy

    O HAI DER, I have made a new website! I have a merch, I don't pay for the stuff that I sell, you can also sign in into the website if you want to, I should also upload Hungry Fish to it.

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  • Axiy

    Removing Games

    May 24, 2012 by Axiy

    O HAI DER, I am removing

    • Doodle Dude (There is already a game called Doodle Dude)
    • Klotthead
    • Ghost Z
    • Maybe more
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  • IJZM

    Level Builders WANTED!

    May 15, 2012 by IJZM

    Lol, i sound like Nitrome hehe. We need level builders. I have progress of lot of games. But we need LEVELS. (it would be also good if someone learn flash or java for programming) Thanks.

    First make where the platforms, dirt... should be. Upload the photo. Then put the backround and upload a photo of the bg only. Then put the photo of the bg and the level combined and put that in the levels section of the game article. Sorry guys for making you do soo much job but if i do it the quality will be horrible. please post levels ideas in the comments. -- 18:46, May 15, 2012 (UTC)

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  • The apple

    Hi AXIY

    May 4, 2012 by The apple

    I didn't delete any pages! Please trust me! One month ago I was the LAST time on Blueflake wiki ! ( I had no time )


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  • Axiy

    Cave Skin Preview

    March 29, 2012 by Axiy


    I have some sprites previews for the skin and I edit sprites to make it make more sence so here are the sprites in different sizes, this is the size that is compared to Crackle

    Can you tell me whitch other games are zoomed in so I can put more sprites in the games. That would make me act like this happy Dave.

    There is no other news actually there is, Lamadilus is in progress.

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  • TNY

    TNY News (Please read)

    March 17, 2012 by TNY


    I have some topics to talk about today. Yesterday, I had a chat meeting with the boss and Axiy. We spoke about several stuff and concerns of Blueflake. I'm really worried about the first topic below:

    I really disagree of the making of this game, even though some characters were already made. I think the idea of making the characters is cool but we will get sued. That game should be officially deleted. As an admin, I would've already deleted the game but since it's a game started by the boss (X10018ro) I couldn't delete it.

    Graphics look great, but we have A LOT of unfinished games already. In this section I will also kindly ask x10018ro to please STOP making any games. I'm currently trying to work on 3 games at the same…

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  • TNY

    Quack currently in works!

    March 5, 2012 by TNY

    I'm currently working on my latest game that some of you probabbly should know.. erm.. Quack. I've got a preview image, that is a design I made of a random level in the game, however, this level won't appear in the game, because it's too small. I made it just to show you how the game will be.

    Oh and also, I'll change the version of the game, from 1.1. to 1.5 because the changes I made are:

    • Background
    • Main character (Crackle) (I'll update image soon)
    • Menu buttons
    • Probabbly I'll change some blocks
    • Ending

    Here is the preview image for the game! Have a great Monday!

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  • Axiy

    We can't have all games

    March 3, 2012 by Axiy

    Hi, some people keep on suggesting games and making very little sprites and really want them to be released, I think we should all work on 2 games at the same time not keep on making new games so I made a list with games that should be finished. We will finish the games in order.

    1. Panbus (Artwork: Axiy Programming: IJZM?)
    2. Laberinth 2 (Artwork: Axiy, JuanJLF Programming: IJZM)
    3. The Greenfruit (Artwork: JuanJLF Programming: IJZM)
    4. Cat Dropped (Artwork: JuanJLF Programming: IJZM)
    5. Untitled Crocodile Game (Artwork: Axiy, Recon1 Programming: Axiy?)
    6. Suggest a game that is not here from Blueflake

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  • Axiy

    Laberinth 2 previews :D

    February 28, 2012 by Axiy


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