In Quack 2
Gender Unknown (Probabbly male)
Faction Good?
Health 2 Hits
Level All
Status Unknown
Game(s) Quack

Crackle is the main character in Quack and Quack 2. He is a duck robot that has to fight his way through a dark grey location. Crackle is controlled with the arrow keys and the player is supposed to tap the spacebar to make Crackle shoot a bullet. To shoot a bullet, Crackle first needs to collect a pickup that is the ammunition of bullets. When Crackle picks ammunition, he can shoot bullets that will cause a little damage. With the bullets Crackle can kill enemies with various blows. Crackle can also destroy Normal Blocks if he shoots to them five times in a row but he cannot destroy Metal Blocks. Crackle will also make mines destroy everything in the stage (including him himself) if he shoots to a mine with no spikes. It's unknown the reason of why this happens but this may force the player to restart the level.


Crackle is a pink duck robot that used to have a long body with a peak that was considered a mistake by the creator of the game, JuanJLF. The duck was planned to have a long body to make it look like a duck but since the duck wasn't well designed it was re-made. This time it had 2 less squares in terms of size within the Quack game and it was made like a tiny square with a better peak. The changes made in Crackle were included in the 1.5 update, the first time Quack was updated.



  • Crackle was the character with the most changes in the second version of the game (1.5.). Its shape changed, also the peak and it was said that the color was changed but that's probabbly a rumour.
  • After a while with no JuanJLF blog updates during May 2012, JuanJLF finally updated again his blog in the 7 th of May bringing out an upcoming sequel of Quack. This revealed an image of how Crackle would look like in this upcoming sequel.