New Lamadilus Crocodile
Gender Male
Faction Good in Lamadilus,

Evil in Seagum Jelly

Health 3 Blows in Lamadilus,

200 Blows in Seagum Jelly

Level All in Lamadilus

Level 20 in Seagum Jelly

Status Alive
Game(s) Lamadilus, Seagum Jelly

The Crocodile is the main chracter of Lamadilus and a boss in Seagum Jelly.


The crocodile is dark green and has darker green dots and four spikes serving as weapons. The crocodile has a big mouth but a small tail. Blood with bones on its legs is shown and it has two nails. It is suggested that it may be a toy crocodile or maybe a cyborg. In Seagum Jelly, the crocodile is bigger.

Game InformationEdit

The crocodile is currently in two games and both of them have different game information.


The crocodile from Lamadilus can shoot spikes from it's back to attack enemies.
Crocodile Spikes

The Spikes

The spike shooting will also include a special bar for the shooting.

Seagum JellyEdit

The crocodile will appear as a boss in Seagum Jelly, it has a bigger appearance and is much stronger with 200 blows.



Young Crocodile new

Young Version

Once upon a time there was a young crocodile that was playing with his friends in the water. Some Eyebubbles came from the sea that were having a party. The young crocodile and his friends were ruining the party. The Eyebubbles throwed knives at them. The young crocodile was slower then his friends. His legs got cut off.

After 12 years of suffering his legs lost he fought back and got revenge. The Eyebubbles got older and got to the Great Wall of China. At the Great Wall of China the crocodile attempted to find its legs back to attach them back on him.


The crocodile found the real legs after he defeated the Chinese Serpent that ate the legs. He attached them to his body and walked away on his legs to the beach that he lost the legs. Yellow Jellies attempted to shoot the legs off with their Bubblegum. The crocodile chased them to the Fluffy Sea.

Seagum JellyEdit

The crocodile found Unlucky Austin from Seagum Jelly and made him his serveant. After the crew Unlucky Austin needed the crews help. So the crew helped him and the crocodile fled away.




Level 2: What would giant eyeballs in bubbles do under the Great Wall?

Level 8: What is this coffin suppose to do? I should look at the billboard.

Level 13: This place is flooding! I should step on the lilypads.

Level 15: Look, my real legs I need to get them, this whole thing has been a prank!

Seagum JellyEdit

Level 20: Look, more jelly!


  • The ending might make there be a sequel but there but it might be a spin-off.
  • The crocodile is based on a toy that Axiy has in real life and the toy is from Wal-Mart.