An alive fluff

Ability Entities can stand on it
Game(s) Seagum Jelly

Fluffs are interactive objects in Seagum Jelly. The fluffs also appear in the background of the game. The fluffs are the only thing from the map that the entities can walk and stand on. There are three variations of fluffs.


There are three variations, each variation has a different appearence.

Normal FluffsEdit

Fluffs are purple-blue and look fluffy. They have a stick under them.

Background FluffsEdit

The background fluffs look similar to the normal fluffs, they are slightly lighter and have a face.

Rotten FluffsEdit

Rotten Fluffs have a red appearence. They have cracks on them.

Game InformationEdit

There are three variations, each variation acts differently.

Normal FluffsEdit

Normal Fluffs are interactive objects that entities can stand on.

Background FluffsEdit

The background fluffs appear in the background. They are not interactive.

Rotten FluffsEdit

Rotten Fluffs are interactive objects. If a jelly stands on it more then 5 turns it will break apart.



  • Fluffs were originally from a background made by JuanJLF, it was later adopted by Axiy.
  • A fluff appears on the icon.