Green Gummies
Quack 1 Gummies
Gummies in Quack 1. Right: Ball. Left: Star.
Quack 2 Gummies
Gummies in Quack 2. Right: Ball. Left: Star.
Points Ball:50


Game(s) Quack, Quack 2

Green Gummies are Crackle's main goal and a pick-up in the Quack Series. It is known that green gummies are what makes Farmelanet Planet unique, as each gummy represents how special the planet is. The history begins when Crackle somehow gets to Farmelanet Planet and finds out that it is full of bug invaders that want to destroy the planet and keep all gummies. Crackle needs now to grab all of them before they do, not to end up blowing up the planet. This also happens in Quack 2, as it appears that the bug invader's boss is still alive, which Crackle needs to destroy to complete the game.


As mentioned in their name, they appear green and small. The gummies can adapt up to 2 figures, one being a star and the other being just a simple little ball. In Quack 1 they appear green and big but in Quack 2 they recieve a makeover. They appear now with better figure and better shading making them look brightly.

Game InformationEdit

Gummies are present in all levels of Quack and Quack 2 as they are the main goal of Crackle. The gummies afford points that may vary depending of which figure it is seen, if it is a star it may grant the player 100 points, which appears often in the game. But most of the gummies are the simple balls, which grant 50 points each one.

Since they are the main goal in the series, the hazards are only to prevent the player from catching them so that the game is challenging. In Quack 1, the player can beat levels by grabbing all of them in the level but this changes in Quack 2. In the sequel the player not only needs to grab all of them in the level, this time the player also needs to find a Goal Tube, which is pink for Crackle and blue for player 2 (which remains unnamed).

Gummies are harder to grab when inside Water because of the reduced time the player has to complete the level, as if the player remains in water for too long, they may end up dying.

Star Gummy Animation

An animation