Blue cat
A blue cat
Ability Falling
Points Varies
Game(s) Cat Dropped

The kittens are the main pick ups in the game Cat Dropped.


The kittens appear as small-sized baby cats with two triangles on their heads for ears, four paws, a tail, a pink-coloured nose and three whiskers. Each kitten has its specific base colour, having the white colour as the light source detail. Kittens appear to be sleeping due to their closed eyes.

Game informationEdit

Kittens appear falling from the upper side of the screen, and the player is meant to use the net to catch a certain amount of them to pass the levels. There are ten variants for the kittens, which fall randomly in no particular order. Each variation provides the player a certain score, that appears to be defined by the kittens' colours. Also, the kittens that provide less points are those who appear the most, while the kittens with more points appear less often.

The kittens can be saved by the net in contact, however if a falling cat is not rescued the player will lose part of their life. The player will also lose life if a kitten hits a mine while falling, as this will cause the kitten to die instantly.

The first distinguished group of kittens includes three cats, which appear the most and are coloured using the primary colours. Each providing 25 points. The second group includes lighter versions of the primary colours and provide 50 points each. For the third group, the kittens were coloured using the main secondary colours and provide 100 points each and the fourth includes just one cat which is coloured in black and appears hardly ever, providing the player 200 points. Below is a table that shows each kitten variation.


Kitten Colour Grants Frequency
Blue cat Blue 25 points Appears always
Red cat Red 25 points Appears always
Yellow cat Yellow 25 points Appears always
Lightblue cat Light-blue 50 points Appears often
Pink cat Pink 50 points Appears often
Lightgreen cat Light-green 50 points Appears often
Purple cat Purple 100 points Appears uncommonly
Orange cat Orange 100 points Appears uncommonly
Green cat Green 100 points Appears uncommonly
Black cat Black 200 points Appears hardly ever