In Quack 2
Attack Walking
Abilities None
Health 6 Blows
Points 500
Game(s) Quack, Quack 2

Sheeps are enemies in Quack.


Sheeps have a grey sponged body. They walk slowly due to their silk, they will oddly not follow the player but they will walk.

Game informationEdit

Sheeps are the first enemy introduced in the game, they appear in level 1 and 2, with no other enemies yet. When a level with sheeps starts the sheeps won't oddly do anything, anything but walk slowly anywhere in the stage. They are one of the few enemies that will not follow the player, they act just as walking enemies. When a sheep touches the player, Crackle will loose one heart. The sheeps can be killed with only 6 bullet shoots. They are probabbly the weakest enemies in the game.


  • Farmelanet Planet is based in Farm Planet. Sheeps are actually a farm animal so the reason of why sheeps were put in the game could be that.