Black Spider
Gender Male
Faction Good
Health 3 Hits
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Spider Climb

The Spider is the main character in Spider Climb. The spider is moved with the arrow keys and will jump when the player taps spacebar.


The spider is a black medium-sized spider with 2 light blue eyes and eight small feet. Curiously, the web the spider can make is blue, just like its eyes. The spider can get hurt 3 times and then it's a game over.


In the Factory Grey Forest one day the spider was searching for easter eggs, to gift its little baby spider an easter surprise, because its little baby loved chocolate. After a while having tons of eggs, a bunny came and stole al eggs and hided them up in the highest part of the forest, that was the top of the factory. The spider was so angry that it climbed and climbed for days and days and when it finally got to the roof of the factory, and when the spider got there, the bunny escaped again with all the eggs. The spider chased the bunny and the game ends in that part.



Level 1: Spider to the Bunny: -Hey! Bring me my easter eggs back!

Level 1: Bunny to the Spider: -You've got to catch me first! *Bunny climbs and disappears*.

Level 2: Spider: I've got you now. Give me those eggs right now!

Level 2: Bunny: It's too early yet. Come to me in level 12! He he! *Bunny disappears*

Level 12: Spider: I'm here, now give me those eggs. Please.

Level 12: Bunny: If you can bring me something special for Level 25? I mean... a big candybag I'll leave for you in the road... If you can bring it back I'll lend you your eggs back! Now goodbye hehe!

Level 12: Spider: No! Wait! *Bunny leaves*

Level 25: Spider: I'm here, and with the candies you asked. Now give me what you promised.

Level 25: Bunny: Oh, those were just for you to survive in the road MWAHAHAHAHA! I'll never give you my eggs, you better dissapear!

Level 25: Spider gets angry and the bunny leaves with the spider chasing after the bunny, They both leave the screen and the ending displays the player's score and some options for the player.