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  • I live in Axiyland
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is Pixel Artist
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    I have been working on some new content for Seagum Jelly and made alot, first: New characters

    I wanted new characters for a sequel. Here is a list

    • Bruce boyy (A cowboy)
    • Isaac (A jelly who dressed up as a reindeer, at the end he reveals it. Everybody appears to know he is a jelly.(That's a rope))
    • Birthmark Shopkeeper (NPC)
    • Jimbo and Jumbo's sisters who are also twins (They were meant to be in the original one)
    • This character who is often proud about himself.
    • An army veteran who is a friend of Arman, named Luitendant Herman.

    Bruce Boyy introduction cutscene

    • Bruce Boyy: It's me, Bruce Boyy! The greatest cowboy in all mainland.
    • Arman: Andd the greatestt misspeller inn all mainlandd.
    • Bruce Boyy: Deal with it.
    • Arman: *gulp*

    • Spacegum Jelly was the un…

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    I was recently wondering if the Lamadilus series had a sequel. If its a good idea. I am kind of finishing up Lamadilus and Seagum Jelly. Down here I will put suggestions for the next sequel(s).

    Lamadilus Run is an escape game. It is about the Crocodile running away from the Yellow Jellies. The crocodile will go through many stages running through the Fluffy Sea coast to the Great Wall of China. It might have 30 levels. It is a direct sequel to Seagum Jelly also, the yellow jellies chase the crocodile. The jellies are enemies. They come in vechlicles such as Arman's tank and Captain Morris's ship with wheels. It might sound and look like the game Dino Run from Pixeljam but its not. I hope.

    Spacegum Jelly is also a second game where t…

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  • Axiy

    I'm back!

    May 11, 2013 by Axiy

    O HAI DER,

    I am back from a long time of not visiting Wikia and playing Minecraft. I will start making new sprites for games, if my parents don't take away my computer, on Paint.NET. I will continue Lamadilus and Seagum Jelly. Most of my sprites for the games got deleted so I have the chance to improve them. With shinier graphics and stuff. It's nice to be back with a new employee Ayernam! By the way, welcome to the Blueflake team Ayernam! Sorry I haven't been on lately.

    Now about Lamadilus I upgraded the spike shooting feature. Down there you can see 2 bars. The top bar is an empty bar. It comes when the crocodile shoots spikes. After waiting 5 seconds the empty bar will be a normal full bar at the bottom. And than after 3 more seconds the …

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  • Axiy

    New website!

    May 29, 2012 by Axiy

    O HAI DER, I have made a new website! I have a merch, I don't pay for the stuff that I sell, you can also sign in into the website if you want to, I should also upload Hungry Fish to it.

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  • Axiy

    Removing Games

    May 24, 2012 by Axiy

    O HAI DER, I am removing

    • Doodle Dude (There is already a game called Doodle Dude)
    • Klotthead
    • Ghost Z
    • Maybe more
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