I am back from a long time of not visiting Wikia and playing Minecraft. I will start making new sprites for games, if my parents don't take away my computer, on Paint.NET. I will continue Lamadilus and Seagum Jelly. Most of my sprites for the games got deleted so I have the chance to improve them. With shinier graphics and stuff. It's nice to be back with a new employee Ayernam! By the way, welcome to the Blueflake team Ayernam! Sorry I haven't been on lately.


Now about Lamadilus I upgraded the spike shooting feature. Down there you can see 2 bars. The top bar is an empty bar. It comes when the crocodile shoots spikes. After waiting 5 seconds the empty bar will be a normal full bar at the bottom. And than after 3 more seconds the orange part will be full, that makes fire come out and it destroys enemies faster. I also added a new brick texture. It has more "cement" in it. The texture is at the right.

Spike Shooting Energy Bars New Lamadilus Brick Texture

Thats all the Lamadilus content. Now to Seagum Jelly. This is a big update. Before its released of course.

Seagum Jelly

In Seagum Jelly we will add characters to the game. All will have a special power. This game kind of resembles Worms. But anyways you can read more about it on this page at Tumblr. Thats right over here.If you read it. You should read it first before reading this. You might have noticed we have characters. I just said that at the beginning of this section. I know, right.