I was recently wondering if the Lamadilus series had a sequel. If its a good idea. I am kind of finishing up Lamadilus and Seagum Jelly. Down here I will put suggestions for the next sequel(s).

Lamadilus Run

Lamadilus Run is an escape game. It is about the Crocodile running away from the Yellow Jellies. The crocodile will go through many stages running through the Fluffy Sea coast to the Great Wall of China. It might have 30 levels. It is a direct sequel to Seagum Jelly also, the yellow jellies chase the crocodile. The jellies are enemies. They come in vechlicles such as Arman's tank and Captain Morris's ship with wheels. It might sound and look like the game Dino Run from Pixeljam but its not. I hope.

Spacegum Jelly

Spacegum Jelly is also a second game where the jellies go to space! There are many space blocks and a base. The character (You) can create a space ships from many blocks such as Flashlight Block, Wood Block, mainly Steel Block and even a Facebook Block (If you share or like on facebook). The game does not include levels, the player starts as an Astronaut with a Steel Block and Rocket and fights enemies and find blocks in the way. The game includes Blocks such as normal blocks, rockets, even siderockets, utilities like flashlights, cameras, also character blocks of course. You need people with different professions to start up a space colony, like nurses, bombers, and repairmen. And the Facebook block. It cannot be destroyed of course. You get it if you share or like the game on facebook and can place it on your own ship! When you lose a battle from another enemy ship don't worry, you can reset level so you don't permanetly lose your blocks! Also I forgot to tell you that there are enemy ships. The main enemy. They are other ships you need to destroy. I made many sketches of this game. It should go really well.

This is not finished