I have been working on some new content for Seagum Jelly and made alot, first: New characters


I wanted new characters for a sequel. Here is a list

  • Bruce boyy (A cowboy)
  • Isaac (A jelly who dressed up as a reindeer, at the end he reveals it. Everybody appears to know he is a jelly.(That's a rope))
  • Birthmark Shopkeeper (NPC)
  • Jimbo and Jumbo's sisters who are also twins (They were meant to be in the original one)
  • This character who is often proud about himself.
  • An army veteran who is a friend of Arman, named Luitendant Herman.

That Fethry is actually a half Eyebubble and half jelly

Fethry is actually a half Eyebubble and half jelly. Thats why he was so nice to the crew! Oh. So at the ending of Seagum Jelly Fethry reveals that he is one. He rips off his mask.

The Birthmark

Yes, the Birthmark is some kind of shop. The shopkeeper and the logo appear to have 2 birthmarks, on their heads. He sold the fisherman hat to Fethry. And he will appear in Seagum Jelly 2 selling a fake Eyebubble made after the legend so he can hide it under his hat for a prank to fool his friends. And for other reasons.



Bruce Boyy introduction cutscene

  • Bruce Boyy: It's me, Bruce Boyy! The greatest cowboy in all mainland.
  • Arman: Andd the greatestt misspeller inn all mainlandd.
  • Bruce Boyy: Deal with it.
  • Arman: *gulp*


  • Spacegum Jelly was the unnamed iPhone game from like a year ago. I revived it, but maybe should "unrevive" it to make space for Seagum Jelly 2. Or I can also make it an update to Seagum Jelly so if we play Seagum Jelly 2 we have all the progress from the previous game.
  • Right Hand Man Jr. was based on Waylon Smithers Jr. from The Simpsons. Right Hand Man Sr. was also based on Waylon Smithers Sr. from The Simpsons.
  • Captain Morris was suppose to be named Captain Kudrow after Lisa Kudrow.
  • The Birthmark shop was based on Mikhail Gorbachev. This Mikhail Gorbachev look-alike character was suppose to be the shopkeeper.