Hi, some people keep on suggesting games and making very little sprites and really want them to be released, I think we should all work on 2 games at the same time not keep on making new games so I made a list with games that should be finished. We will finish the games in order.

1. Panbus (Artwork: Axiy Programming: IJZM?)
2. Laberinth 2 (Artwork: Axiy, JuanJLF Programming: IJZM)
3. The Greenfruit (Artwork: JuanJLF Programming: IJZM)
4. Cat Dropped (Artwork: JuanJLF Programming: IJZM)
5. Untitled Crocodile Game (Artwork: Axiy, Recon1 Programming: Axiy?)
6. Suggest a game that is not here from Blueflake