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  • CandD

    Seeing as to how this wiki needs lots of help, when I see a popular problem, I'm going to write a 'guide' as to how to identify it.

    A run-on sentence is a sentence that runs on and on and exceeds the limit of a regular sentence. Most contain a word count of 16+ words. They can easily be identified, but can be somewhat tricky to clean up.

    Identifying a run-on sentence is easy. They are large sentences that usually contain two or more 'ands' and can seem to take the form of a whole paragraph. Similarly, they can also contain ',s' or ';s' that continue the sentence as well. These will commonly appear in the 'Appearence' or 'Game Info' sections of an article.

    1. I'm candd and i like cheese and i think its the best thing in the world besides minecraf…

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  • CandD

    Welcome to.... MY MOUTH!!!

    August 19, 2012 by CandD

    I recently had a game idea whi;e brushing my teeth! There's a Tooth..... on a mission....... TO PREVENT CAVITIES!!!! Well, i guess sorta like that. Below are some sprites and stuff i've conjured up, just leave a comment about what you think; such as improvements.

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