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  • TNY

    A new name for Blueflake

    January 14, 2016 by TNY

    I think it'll be easier if I try to be short in this one. As some may know, I've been thinking about renaming our (company wannabe?) to something we all (or at least those who are still around) agree with. A couple of days ago I began searching for an original, yet easy to pronounce name to rename Blueflake, and I came up with this strange name that I somewhat liked. What I have in mind is...


    The name came from me looking up on a periodic table for some inspiration, when I suddenly came across this element called "Copper" and I took its first three letters to attach to something else. Then I just thought of this fictional company named "ACME" and took the "me" from its name.

    I'm not sure about that name yet though, but if you th…

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  • TNY

    Site disabled

    January 30, 2014 by TNY

    Hello to all. I've got bad news for you in this blog post as well as good ones. It's not like always things turn out well, is it?

    In this post, I'm officially letting you know our Blueflake website has currently been brought down as I believe it isn't the time yet for us to have our website built. Also, the site would of course need improving. We need to help each other construct the design for each link the site should be having altogether.

    Furthermore, we need to establish a skin which (I think) will be done by Axiy and myself, and of course we need to have at least one game finished. Ayernam and I will be working on Cat Dropped so you won't need to worry much regarding this matter. I need help with what to put on the main page and the con…

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  • TNY

    Spider Climb - Art update II

    October 26, 2013 by TNY

    Hello everyone! As I had mentioned on my previous blog post, I've been working with Spider Climb's sprites, making major changes in their pixels' composition.

    Today, I've got many stuff to show to you. Today's update shows the evolution of some pieces, which I had prepared for you to understand easily how "big" the changes are. Something to take in count though: some images are quite large, for I've linked them up to their full sizes. If you do not see the full sizes, perhaps you may not notice the changes very well. This is why when it comes to pixel art, full graphic sizes are important.

    As you can see, there are many sprites done already. There's still a lot to convert though but let's say there's a 65% of the sprites converted to the ne…
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  • TNY

    Hello to all!

    I've been working since yesterday with some of this well-known old game's sprites, aiming to get better design.

    With some hours, I finally got to a final result. However though, I have not finished the re-design of all sprites yet.

    As you may tell, compared to how I used to pixel back in 2011 is completely different from how I arrange the pixels nowadays. In my opinion, the new sprites look pretty much better now! I like how the final enemies turned out to be.

    The image shows a comparison between some of Spider Climb's early sprites, each being sprited by myself. (Axiy also has pixelled some sprites for this game, but none of his works are shown on the photo as I decided not to touch any of his works).

    The old purple octopus turne…

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  • TNY

    New blog out now!

    June 21, 2013 by TNY

    Remember my old tumblr blog? Where I used to post information about game previews and stuff? Okay. Now it has been updated, reseted and re-designed!

    Besides its brand new design, I've actually managed to add the posts a feature where people can comment! It is powered by Disqus, and you can choose to comment either as a guest or an user (requires previous registration). Creating an account is quite easy, however, if you are not interested you're free to comment as a guest.

    I really like this new theme more than the older one.



    By the way, notice the post with the game preview. ;)

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