Hi everyone!

I've been wondering if these staff members will ever come back:




As most of you may know pretty well, Lilonow and CandD actually appear to not have contributed to the development of games. Lilonow, though, designed a background for Lamadilus, but I believe that it will remain unused, as Lamadilus has already got a background. (Hasn't it?).

As for CandD, he hasn't really done any contributions tu any of our games yet.

Do you remember Sabkv? His only contributions were the little sprite tests he made to show me he could sprite using pixel art. And that was the last time he was around...

Should all of them still be considered?

Should I message them to confirm their departure from Blueflake?

I don't mean to 'fire' them, but in my opinion they shouldn't have joined if they wold just disappear and not tell anything before that.

I'm not saying, of course, that they HAVE to work all of the time, but if they would temporary leave the should say it, so that we know they haven't actually left.

What should we do? Should we message them and after that, delete their articles?

TNY Sigkitten1 02:47, May 24, 2013 (UTC)