Hello there. This blog post is about one concern I've been having about the user rights. Seeing that it all started from past mistakes of the founder, the promoted "bureaucrat", X10018ro has been promoting tons of users unnecessarily to bureaucrats. I see no point in this, as most of the users mentioned don't do anything, nor does X10018ro. Since I am now the "boss" here I would like to make a suggestion for these users, as it is not possible to remove b-crat rights from users anymore if they were already promoted to them. This is not only being because they don't do anything, for being a bureaucrat, or even an admin, an user must edit frecuently in the wiki, expanding, correcting, adding missing sections and all of that stuff users do, but this opposes to the users who have been promoted to bureaucrat or admins out lately, such as:

  • X10018ro.
  • IJZM: I'm sorry. You do not contribute enough to this wiki, so I believe your rights are unnecessary. Just to work at blueflake doesn't mean you should be an admin, or even a bureaucrat.
  • The apple
  • Duty2012, who has even vandalized the wiki.


I need EVERYBODY's opinion on this. What the users mentioned above can simply do, and what I'm proposing now, is that they can remove the bureaucrat rights themselves. If opposed to this, I have found another exit, which is the agreement of most users on what I'm pointing out here, which is, of course, remove unnecessary bureaucrat rights. If I get most support with this, I can send a message to the special Contact part, which is used to report problems inside the wiki. Your opinion is very important! Comment below with what you think is better, adding if you:

  • Support this
  • Oppose this
  • Feel Neutral about this


Support/Oppose/Neutral - Your comment here.

(With your own comment next to your thoughts).

TNY Sigkitten1 00:30, August 1, 2012 (UTC)