Hi everyone!

Spin 2

As you may know, I am currently editing the Blueflake website, which you can enter by clicking this sentence.

I am now focusing on the "About" part, where there is a little story about how Blueflake was created.

There is also a bar on the right part, where there is going to be a list of all of the Blueflake members, so I will need an avatar of each one in order to have that section completed. 

My avatar is done already and you may be able to see it. But you have got to make your own avatars, if you can, by using pixel art. Use the box below to make it (40 x 40 pixels) , using Paint, Photoshop or any other program used to draw in pixelart. It can have an image with your name, or just your name as a creative logo, or simply an image. Do it the way you like, and when you're done post it as a comment.

Avatar parameterss

I really need your participation on this! Below is a list of the people that are lacking their logos. P.S.: As you finish yours, your name may not appear anymore.

  • Takeshi64
  • CandD
  • Lilonow
  • IJZM

NOTE: If you are unable to pixel a nice logo, ask me or Axiy to make one for you! Send us your idea and we may make it.

TNY Sigkitten1 15:03, May 18, 2013 (UTC)