Hello to all. I've got bad news for you in this blog post as well as good ones. It's not like always things turn out well, is it?

In this post, I'm officially letting you know our Blueflake website has currently been brought down as I believe it isn't the time yet for us to have our website built. Also, the site would of course need improving. We need to help each other construct the design for each link the site should be having altogether.

Furthermore, we need to establish a skin which (I think) will be done by Axiy and myself, and of course we need to have at least one game finished. Ayernam and I will be working on Cat Dropped so you won't need to worry much regarding this matter. I need help with what to put on the main page and the content for the rest of the links, so I encourage you to comment below giving ideas. I thought we could have the following pages:

Main page - Perhaps a slideshow for the news in the blog, with links to the newest games... but what else?

Games- A list of the games with their links and icons respectively.

News - A blog which might be updated at least once every three weeks.

About - Tell about how Blueflake and a bit of its history, as well as the current staff team.

Links - Links to social networks for Blueflake, and Youtube or blog links from the staff members.

Contact/Message - A section in which people can send in suggestions or report bug fixes and stuff.

Although the structure seems nice as it is, Webs sites look empty if not filled correctly. Please comment below with any suggestion you have to expand any of these sections for the site. There can be also two-column sections, slideshows, images with text and much more so anything would help.

On the other hand, we've got the good news which is that Ayernam is currently learning how to program games using Java, and we may soon be releasing sometime during February a beta version of Cat Dropped for you to playtest. This version of the game will be playable and perhaps taken down after a while, as we did with the Visual Basic version of the game. As you play through it and find any kind of issue you might be able to report it somewhere so that the bug can be fixed.

And that is it for now. Don't forget to suggest anything regarding the site on the comments below!