Hello everyone! As I had mentioned on my previous blog post, I've been working with Spider Climb's sprites, making major changes in their pixels' composition.

Today, I've got many stuff to show to you. Today's update shows the evolution of some pieces, which I had prepared for you to understand easily how "big" the changes are. Something to take in count though: some images are quite large, for I've linked them up to their full sizes. If you do not see the full sizes, perhaps you may not notice the changes very well. This is why when it comes to pixel art, full graphic sizes are important.

As you can see, there are many sprites done already. There's still a lot to convert though but let's say there's a 65% of the sprites converted to the newer art style. 

On the first image, the appearances for the main character and an enemy are revealed. There are captions for moving, attacking, hurt and standing, shown separately on a table.

Then, we've got next to it an image for how had our spider evolved from its very beginning to the actual version. Comparing the very first version to the latest one, there are major changes, even on the colour itself.

Remember the last blog post, with the sprites comparison? Now I've got another bunch of new redesigned sprites! Next to that image is another one that shows two sprite evolutions as well.

Which versions do you prefer? Have I chosen the correct decision with the final selected versions?