Hello to all!

I've been working since yesterday with some of this well-known old game's sprites, aiming to get better design.

With some hours, I finally got to a final result. However though, I have not finished the re-design of all sprites yet.

Spider climb new vrs comparisons

Click me for full size!

As you may tell, compared to how I used to pixel back in 2011 is completely different from how I arrange the pixels nowadays. In my opinion, the new sprites look pretty much better now! I like how the final enemies turned out to be.

The image shows a comparison between some of Spider Climb's early sprites, each being sprited by myself. (Axiy also has pixelled some sprites for this game, but none of his works are shown on the photo as I decided not to touch any of his works).

The old purple octopus turned to a pink purplish squid, and the green squid turned to a lemon-green jellyfish! The rest of the sprites suffered major changes as well.

What do you think?